Rules for Businesses

The rules of use for members. Whether you read it or not, you'll be held accountable for what is in it.
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Rules for Businesses

Postby KB_Thailand » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:42 pm

Businesses are allowed to post on Udon-Expat-Living.Net in their own topic absolutely free of charge!

That's right, nada. We don't do magazines or sponsorships or clicky links, but you can let people know what your place is all about without it costing you money, and place pictures, ads or links in your own thread if you so desire. We also will not bug you to give us money, free stuff, or free services for the use of the site.

If you are a business owner in Thailand, and wish to have a thread on this forum, please register and then send me an email with the following information:
Your business name, address and phone number (and whether you want the phone number published publicly)
Your hours of operation
A short blurb on what you do
Your username on the forum

Send the email to: kb_thailand (at sign) (you will need to remove the spaces and () and substitute the @ for at sign so it looks like Alternately, you can wait until you've posted three posts and then send me a PM with this information.

I will set you up with your very own topic under Thailand Businesses, in whatever city you are located.
You will have moderation privileges in that topic and can post, edit or remove posts.
HOWEVER, since we are a bit reluctant to delete ANY polite post expressing a point of view here, I would suggest that any post you feel like deleting should be used as a marketing opportunity. Directly answer it addressing any points of discontent, politely. If it breaks the primary rule for civility, then copy it and send it to me and the poster in a PM, and explain why you deleted it. You might also address any issues at that point, but that is your call. We all are adults here, and understand that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. We also understand there are some who would complain about the price of the cigar and brandy if you served them a 5 star seven course meal for 150 baht and did not include the cigar and brandy! This is your opportunity to let people know WHY you do things the way you do.

Within your topic, you can post blatantly self serving posts, as it is for advertising your business. Menus, service lists, prices, etc. are all fair in YOUR topic. HOWEVER, when outside of your topic, you are just another member of the board, so please refrain from posting anything about your products in any post other than your own.

As an example of correct and incorrect posts: let's say your company XYZ Company sells widgits and ABC Company buys your widgits. To post in ABC Companies topic that you stopped and saw their manufacturing process and thought it was top rate is perfectly ok. It is also perfectly ok to politely suggest ways to improve their process. To add that the widgits that they buy from XYZ Company makes their stuff better than anything else you can buy is blatant self-promotion and will not be allowed. If this behavior is seen, it will be edited, usually without explanation, and if it continues, it will result in punitive action like time-outs or banning. My dime, my rules. If you cannot abide by them, then please go elsewhere.

Thank you...I hope you find this forum useful in marketing your business. One thing about it, the price is right! :D


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